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Hazard is a dice game using two dice and any number of players. The game may be played for points or by betting on turns and individual throws.

A common way to determine who goes first is by each casting a die, the lowest going first. After that the dice pass to the left.

The dice roller, who is called the "Caster", rolls or "Casts" the dice by hand or throws them using a dice cup. Both dice must land flat and true. "Cocked" dice, (dice that are tilted by landing on or against something) and "Wild" dice, (dice that go off the gaming surface) must be recast. If both dice are cocked or wild then both must be recast. If only one die is "Off", (cocked or wild) the caster may recast the off die or may recast both dice together.

The Caster's First Roll

The Caster's first roll is an attempt to gain a combined number of both dice equal to a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. If the caster gets one of these that number becomes the "Main".

If the roll is less than 5 or greater than 9 the caster loses. The dice are passed to the left.

If a fair main is made the caster accepts bets from the players betting against the caster.

Both the caster and other players can also offer and accept other "Side" bets from each other at anytime during the play. This is an important and enjoyable part of the game.

The Caster's Second Roll

Caster rolls again - The second cast determines a number called "The Chance."

With this roll there are 3 options: Depending on the outcome of the chance throw:

1. The caster wins immediately,
2. the caster loses immediately,

3. or the caster goes to next phase.

1. The Caster wins immediately

A table may make it easier to remember:

Chance Point wins by matching
Main or bonus
Loses on
5  5 2, 3, 11, 12
6  6, 12 2, 3, 7, 11 
7  7, 11 2, 3, 12
8 8, 12 2, 3, 11  
9  9 2, 3, 11, 12

If the caster rolls the main or its bonus number it is a win. Caster collects the bets against and gets to begin again.

2. The Caster loses immediately

The numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 are Hazards. If any of these are rolled it is an immediate loss. Caster pays the bets against, then the turn goes to the next player.

3. Or the caster goes to next phase

If the caster rolls any number other than the main or its bonus number to win or one of the hazards to lose that newly cast number becomes the "Chance". The main becomes the only hazard and the caster has as many throws as are needed to match or "Mark" the chance before rolling a hazard. Remember, at this point if chance is cast before main the caster wins. If the main is cast before the chance the caster loses. Caster continues rolling the dice until main or chance appears.

Collect or pay all bets. The other numbers have no effect except for use with side bets. This is a very productive time for side bets. Bets can be made between each roll.

After a win the caster may choose to keep possession of the dice or to pass them along to the next player.